In 2013, five friends with a love for great whiskey teamed up to form Axe and the Oak. Today, the brand features a collection of three staples: a bourbon, moonshine and rye. Based in Colorado Springs, this boutique operation includes a distillery and The Axe and the Oak Whiskey House, where a team of specially trained master bartenders host tastings and craft new cocktail recipes. 

At the Whiskey House, experts prepare everything in house –  including hand carving the ice for the cocktails. Co-Owner Casey Ross says he is a simple guy – the one thing he wants bartenders to know about Axe and the Oak is that they don’t rush the process. Axe and the Oak’s high-quality products are handcrafted in small batches, ensuring consistent flavors in every bottle. Experts at Axe and the Oak take their time to make sure things are done right.

Casey’s go-to drink: He loves their rye, which recently won Gold, Best in Class in Whiskeys of the World. He adds some orange bitters for extra flair. He also loves the moonshine and takes great pride in the bourbon, which was awarded Gold in the 2020 World Whiskey Awards.

Axe and the Oak will be releasing a slew of new products this summer, including two gins and a 7 year aged bourbon. Check back here soon for all the details…

Bartenders: For in-depth knowledge, register for Axe and the Oak’s free online training program.  

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