Erik Andersson of Hendrick’s Gin reveals the company’s cabinet of curiosities. 

Lesley Gracie, master distiller at Hendrick’s Gin, has created her own cabinet of curiosities in which she collects wonderful flavors and aromas from around the world. The cabinet of curiosities is the foundation for an entire series of new releases of gins. Midsummer Solstice was the first one and Hendrick’s Lunar is following suit. Beyond the cabinet of curiosities we are also constantly working on liquid innovation that has given us Hendrick’s Orbium. Rest assured, there is more to come!

Hendrick’s Gin is made in a unique way using two different copper stills where the Bennet Still yields a pungent, rich and heavier distillate whilst from the Carterhead we receive a lighter, floral and fragrant distillate. By blending these two together we get the best of both worlds and to top it off, we infuse it with essences of rose and cucumber which gives Hendrick’s Gin its unique character. The black glass bottle protects the liquid inside from direct sunlight.

Bartenders care deeply about Hendrick’s Gin because we surprise and delight them with exciting events and unusual cocktail gadgets, the ambassador team travels tirelessly across the country organizing these events, education seminars supporting bartenders in thousands of bars every year.  

Lesley Gracie was voted Gin Icon of the year. William Grant & Sons has won Distiller of the Year more than any other company in recent years. 

Hendrick’s Gin is an extremely well balanced gin, its balance comes entirely from the way we make the gin.

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