Forming a new spirit category of its own, Revel Avila blends the best of mezcal and tequila. Uniquely crafted in Morelos, Mexico, Avila is made from 100% pure agave and combines the roasting and steaming processes individually used to make mezcal and tequila.

Avila is not quite as smoky or intense as most mezcals, but more interesting than a tequila. It’s the perfect bridge to a more complex, smokey agave spirit, especially for someone who already enjoys a smoother, more approachable tequila. 

Revel works with two main distilleries and a range of farms across the state of Morelos. The company prides itself on its dedication to the people and environment of Morelos, supporting small businesses and supporting entrepreneurs. 

Stay tuned for Avila’s latest, El Popo, with a smoky flavor like no other, rolling out in a few months. 

For more in-depth knowledge, register for Revel Avila’s free training program.

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